She Loves Japan As Much As I Love Thailand

The pleasure I get from traveling itself is just as pleasurable as preparing for the trip.

I guess anticipation is quite a pleasurable thing.

Sad to say, getting ready for Iceland was difficult for me.

Two weeks prior to my trip, Zuzu, a friend of mine, went missing. Tweets related to her story.

Her story made national news-there were over 120 law personnel working night and day to break the case of her disappearance.

Words tend to escape me when it comes to this heartbreaking story.

For whatever reason, I kept on hesitating to write about it, which is ironic because I love writing

This tragedy has taken a toll on me as I was preparing for my trip. “Is this really happening?” was a question I was pondering about 24/7.

I felt nothing but stress and frustration. I also noticed how the way I see the world  has slightly changed.

I met Zuzu online through a common interest. Like her, I am pursuing a degree in Biology.

I’ve never met her in person, though we planned to one time. Unfortunately, it fell through because of my then demanding job.

I genuinely care about Zuzu. We became friends when I was going through a tough time.

She was always a source of positivity. She would always text me “sending positive vibes your way.”

She was always excited for me about my travel plans. She wanted to travel, too.

She loves Japan and dreamed of living there one day. Japan is to her what Thailand is to me, a place to escape to one day, and immense deeply into the culture.

One minute we were talking about our travel goals, the next minute she was gone.

Not gone to Japan, just gone.

All her hopes and aspirations to travel were taken away from her in a blink of a second.

It’s not fair.

For whatever reason, I felt like I needed to do something. I needed to find her. I needed to make sure she goes to Japan, and see the world the way she dreamed of it.

Alas! There wasn’t much I could’ve done but to pray. Pray that she is found safe and sound. Pray that justice is served.

Life is too danm fragile. At any given time, things can change.

For that same reason, I vow to live out loud and ONLY do things that make me happy.

It was with a heavy heart, and a restless mind that I packed for Iceland.

It was hard for me to not feel hatred toward everything, especially toward the people who are responsible. However, Zuzu wouldn’t want that.

I am taking her dream with me as I travel through Iceland.

That is to do good, and go see the world.

For truly the world is beautiful. Some people just can see that yet, so they harm.

PS: Sending positive vibe your way Zuzu.

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