Iceland Is A Place Where Happy People Live

If I could describe Iceland in a word, it would be “breathtaking”!

The island, though small, has a lot to offer. From delicious food to incredible landscape with volcanoes, lava fields, and geysers, there’s a lot that you won’t find anywhere else.

Coming from a big city like Boston, I did find Reykjavik small. At first, I was worried there was not going to be much for me to do.

Iceland is an isolated country in the middle of the ocean.

Such isolation is bad. Because of the cold climate, they can’t cultivate the land and everything is imported. As a result, life is quite expensive in Iceland.

On the other hand, the isolation and the lack of external influence is great, because that’s how Iceland is able to conserve its unique culture.

What captivates me the most about Iceland is the people.

I’ve never traveled anywhere else before where everyone seems so pleasant to talk to, and so willing to help.

One day, I was trying to make a call using a public phone. There was a prompt message in Icelandic, that obviously I couldn’t understand.

I said under my breath, “I wish there was someone who spoke Icelandic”.

Some guy immediately came running toward me. I didn’t say it loud enough for anyone to hear. He just saw that I was struggling to make the call and wanted to help.

I’ve read somewhere that Iceland is considered the third happiest country in the world, and whoever wrote it, was absolutely right!

The country being this small is the key to their happiness. There is no room for segregation. That’s why gay pride is like a national holiday in Iceland.

The country is too small to be divided.

Icelanders come together under one land, one nation, one language. They happily do so, because they are happy people.

6 thoughts on “Iceland Is A Place Where Happy People Live

  1. I’ll bet some of that happiness also stems from weathering tough times together. Challenge and hardship almost always bring out the best in people as they work together. I’d love to visit Iceland and meet the people there!

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