Aruba Is Dushi and I Miss It

The moment I heard about the ABC islands—Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, I knew Aruba was a place that I needed to visit.

With a ranging temperature of seventy to eighty degrees all year around and only 18% of rainfall, Aruba sounds like the paradise I wouldn’t mind getting lost in.

One interesting fact about Aruba is it’s the world’s biggest user of desalinization to produce drinkable sea water.

The island has a thriving economy solely based on tourism. To no surprise, it’s one of the most visited places in the Caribbean.

Compared to other islands in the Caribbean Aruba is quite safe. Petty thefts seem to be the only things tourists would have to worry about.

When I travel to other tropical islands, the heat tends to be unbearable. However, that wasn’t the case in Aruba. There was always a cool breeze.

On top of having the perfect weather, Arubians are very pleasant. Their delicious cuisine consists of typical Caribbean food—rice, beans, meat, and plantains. The type of foods that I grew up eating and really love.

Let’s not forget about their national drink Aruba Ariba, which is a cocktail to die for. The splash of Coecoei, which is a red liquor made from agave, rum, and cane sugar, is what makes this cocktail tastes so delicious to me.

It’s cool that English is spoken almost everywhere in the island. However, Papiamento is the most beautiful spoken dialect. I wish dushi, which has many meanings such as sweetheart, delicious, awesomewasn’t the only Papiamento word I’ve learned.

A friend told me that Curaçao has much more to offer than Aruba. The reason being is the government of Curaçao is way more invested in the touristic and cultural aspect of the island in comparison to Aruba’s government.

True or not, I can’t imagine Aruba being a better paradise than it already is.

Being this small makes it quite easy to get around the island by car. Everything is close by! It’s compact size makes it ideal for walking.

I, however, wouldn’t recommend walking anywhere else besides Caya G.F. (Betico) Croes, which is the main street in downtown. The reason being is sidewalks anywhere else seem too small to me, and mainly non-existent for pedestrians to be safely walking around.

One thing that I notice and really like is how on every street sign has “One Happy Island” written below the street name. Maybe that’s why everything feels so calm and happy. After all, this is a positive affirmation.

I never visit any place twice. My reasoning is I would rather go somewhere new than revisiting a place. I have so much I wanna see and so little money. Aruba, however, is about to change that for me because I absolutely can’t wait to visit again.

I can’t wait to see Emma, My Long Lost Sister From Aruba. I can’t wait to see the Airbnb rental manager who went above and beyond to make sure I got the accommodation that I wanted (I made a huge mistake while booking).

I also can’t wait to see the neighbor next door whose name I can’t remember. She walked me to the grocery store, and in broken Spanish we managed to have a conversation that was filled with laughter.

Aruba is dushi and I miss it.

9 thoughts on “Aruba Is Dushi and I Miss It

  1. Cute post and loved your post. Visited A and B of the ABC islands as you put it and loved th of them. Have written about it on the blog so have a read please. I enjoyed the natural beauty of Bonaire and that it was a much quieter island whereas Aruba is a lot more luxurious and vibrant.

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