Help Wanted

This documentary is a different way of presenting and responding to the negative way the public portrays fast food workers. The number one constraint of my audience is misconceptions they have about minimum wage workers. One misconception is that fast food workers are lazy and their job required no skills. This logic is often used as the justification against raising the minimum wage to $15/hr.

“Help Wanted” responds to this issue in two parts: 1. I explored Seaport, a luxury district in Boston. And I interviewed two minimum wage workers with great work ethic, Jamy and Greg.  I hope what they have to say about working a minimum wage job and barely making ends positively reaches my audience, who in return will respond to the exigence by taking action. The sign on the door might say “Help Wanted,” but minimum wage workers need help too. 2. I used three camera techniques as additional supports for my documentary to  reach my audience.  First, in the opening scene I used a tracking shot. My phone camera tracked the subject, in that case Seaport, and harmoniously rotated in a curve pattern with the surrounding buildings. The effect of that shot is to “show” Seaport to my audience. Second, I used the Ken burns effect on the shot where Jamy is woking. The technique allowed me to slowly zoom in and crane (from bottom to top), and effortlessly “reveal something.” That “something” is Jamy’s struggles as a minimum wage worker. And lastly, I used close up shots during both interviews with Jamy and Greg. These shots should make my audience feels closer to them both and evoke empathy as a result of that proximity.

the one

iMovie was the software used to make the documentary. It can be seen here!

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