Hi, I am Gem!

If there is one thing I wish I understood sooner in life, it would be passion. For so long, I thought I was doing ALL the right things. I  attended college, rented my own place, bought a brand new car, and worked my way to the top at a very successful company. However, in the midst of it all, I felt lost. I’ve forgotten who I was, and what really made me happy. You see, true happiness comes when you do what you are most passionate about. For me, that’s traveling and writing.

I love waking up in a different country, surrounded by locals who look nothing like me and sound nothing like me. Yet, they are very much like me. I love trying out different cuisines, and secretly praying that the food won’t kill me.

I love getting lost, only to find myself in a place I would later call home. Through my writing and traveling experiences, I want to inspire people to travel, build long lasting friendships, and call “home” wherever they go.